Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

Hey everyone!
I still have sixties fashion on the brain from last week along with one of my favorite trends this fall, pattern mixing.

Instead of another tutorial, I am doing a pattern review using patterns Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371.
Both appeared to be great options for achieving a playful 60s style look.

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

What I love about reviewing patterns is the opportunity to give my seamstresses out there a heads up!
Sometimes you just don’t know how something will turn out until it’s sewn…
Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371
and patterns can be such little liars sometimes or your best friend.

Sadly, these patterns did not make the bestie list. hehe

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

The Blouse.
My husband calls this the old man’s shirt. Maybe it’s the print or maybe it’s the cut? Regardless, once I commit, I am always in the “make it work” zone.

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

Noticed the pleated butt? Totally looks better on the pattern envelope! lol


  • Fit: Loose, as indicated.
  • Picture vs. Real Life: The sleeves are larger and more box like than the illustration on the pattern envelope.
  • Would I do it again: I don’t plan to ever make this exact top again.
    But I may try the longer sleeve options, there’s straps that minimizes the large boxiness of the sleeves.

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

The pants almost did not make today’s post… Hence why I have the nerve to post this sooooo late on Friday. The pattern was a nightmare because the fit is TERRIBLE!
However, the sewing was a piece of cake and I was done in 30 minutes but like I said, the fit was TERRIBLE. Nothing like the pictures you see now. After many alterations and a wash to shrink the fabric, the pants were better but not best. I am sooo curious to see what this will be like if I used a smaller size. This pattern was made for more of an hourglass figure, I have no waist and no hips so I may have to alter the pattern to get my right size. Also, IGNORE pattern size suggestions outside of the envelope and refer to final garment measurements when making this garment.

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371


  • Fit: Terrible for my boy shaped body
  • Picture vs. Real Life: not even close without alterations, beware of camel toe. yikes!
    The leg was not as tapered as seen on the envelope and the crotch is suuuuuuper deep.
  • Would I do it again: Ummmmmmm, yes, because I am curious to try a smaller and altered size.
    The pocket detail was my FAV. The are basic but I love them!

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

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Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

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Also, the clutch is a new line I will start selling at my Etsy store soon!
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Thanks for the continue love and support from those who read my posts.
Your positive comments and feedback make my day! True story.

Until next time, have a glamorous weekend!

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371

Pattern Review: Butterick 5611 and Simplicity 1371



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  1. 24

    Ah! I just discovered your blog through my link up and I love it!! Your pictures are fantastic and funny. My first thought with those pants was, “oh that is for a total hourglass shape/Joan type body”. But still… the fabric is cute and I do like your look overall.

    Thanks for linking up at Whatcha Wearing Wednesday!!

  2. 30

    okay first of all, that is SO cool that you made those pieces yourself! secondly, i never would have guessed that you didn’t like either of these pieces that much because my first thought when i saw the print on print was love love love! i think you definitely made the best of it because i think they look really cute how you’ve styled them here!

    xo mk

  3. 34

    Hey Riva,
    thanks for visiting TLV Birdie Blog the other day, I appreciate your feedback a lot!

    I love these neutral accents of beige in your outfit, and your hair looks so neat!:)
    Keep up the great job, and hope to see you back on TLV Birdie soon!


  4. 40
    suellen santos

    Gosh, those trousers are absolutely gorgeous!!! and they look really good on you!!! just doing some research on the pattern as i have just purchased it and about to starting making the trousers…I have just bought the fabric (sateen with some stretch)!!! wondering and worrying about the stretch…but will try anyway :-)… But after reading your post and experience making the trousers i think i will be doing a muslin first. So far i have read a lot about how the crotch can be quite difficult to get right as it seems to be far too long, almost too sagging looking in many of the pictures i seen… Anyway i think you nailed it after all the adjustments you made. May i know what is the fabric you used?? love it by the way, the blue is quite stunning and classy with the black!
    Thanks. Suellen

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