My 10th Feature In The ‘Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Weekly Roundup


Look at me in the pciture! I made another links a la mode post!
How freaking fantastic is that? It’s AWESOME.

Why you ask?

Not because it’s my TENTH feature,

although celebrating the big 1-0 on their link ups is pretty awesome,

BUT because I’m making stuff that YOU are enjoying

and it makes doing this whole blog business so much fun!

The Hermès Inspired Caftan tutorial was one of my faves because it’s so crazy simple to whip up!

I was super excited when Links a La mode started this week’s post discussing my caftan, Kristen Philipkoski started,

DIY à la Mode

IFB bloggers are posting a lot of DIY tutorials lately and I’m loving this trend. In particular the Hermes Caftan tutorial really caught my eye this week. So gorgeous and it will save you about one month’s rent! Dig into the LALM for lots more inspiration from art, fashion shows, and styling tips and tricks.

That’s my caftan (read here) she is talking talking about!

If I picked out my favorite 3 posts from this week’s Link a la Mode it would be,

  • Everyday Starlet: Selena Gomez at the Met Gala Makeup Tutorial. Make-up is fun. it’s like art on your face, I love it!
    So every tutorial I can find is sooooo interesting!
  • Coincidently, I’ve been working on a similar post and I LOVE Suzanne Carillo’s DIY Floral Clutch. I’ve would love to go into more details why I love it,
    but that’s a future post. Until then you’ll have to read about Suzanne’s reasons why her DIY is so awesome!!
  • Bookish & Belle: DIY Industrial Shoe and Coat Rack, is perfection. I love to build stuff, as seen here. Her DIY is genius.

Visit the rest of the links and find your favorites!


Links à la Mode: May 14

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