The Move, Zebra Dress, and Pattern Review.

  1. We are moving.
    We are leaving my beautiful LA and moving to Seattle, near Seattle-ish.
    I mentioned that earlier this year and now it’s finally happening, like in a few weeks.
    The hubs got a job at Microsoft and afters months of living without him, our house has FINALLY sold,
    and we are getting ready to join him.
    My only hesitation..?
    I’m a beach sitting, heat loving, palm tree admiring, desert kind of girl.
    As much as I would like to say that’s my only problem,
    that whole making new friends kind of thing.
    I stink at it.
    ah, it’s so painful.
    I’m told it has something to do with my face… it’s weird and I’m so awkward.
    So any friend making types is much appreciated.
  2. Okay, let’s talk animal print.
    It’s not too heavily seen on our runways for this season,
    especially when compared to our heavily love affair with lace, fringe, and denim…
    except for this cool Alice & Olivia look,
    and you know me,
    I’m a sucker for a good animal print and this pattern kept calling my name. Loving this Zebra print in one of the most flattering patterns from Vogue Patterns.
    Loving this Zebra print in one of the most flattering patterns from Vogue Patterns.
    Loving this Zebra print in one of the most flattering patterns from Vogue Patterns.
    Loving this Zebra print in one of the most flattering patterns from Vogue Patterns.
  3. For my sewers wanting to recreate this look,
  • This Vogue Pattern, V1250, is a very simple pattern and quick to sew as there are THREE pieces total to sew up for this look.
    I made it a size smaller than what I would typically use because I wanted a more fitted look.
    I love how simple and elegant it looks, it can easily be paired with a jean jacket and flats for a more casual look.
    Another added bonus, the cowl neck it very flattering as it draws the eye upwards to your face and distracts from an unflattering waistline,
    and gives the illusion that I have a bustline… which I don’t. So yeah, I would make this again and highly recommend it!
  • I scored the fabric at the Loft at Michael Levine‘s, the fabric is clearanced and sold by the pound!
    So sadly, I don’t have an exact link for ya…  but this Poly Lycra Zebra might be a great substitute (order a sample first) and it’s most likely the closest fabric type and pattern similar to my own seen here.
  • For my non sewers, here are some great substitutes at J McLaughlin and Rachel Zoe.


Outfit Details:
Hair: Braided Bang tutorial
Pattern: Vogue 1250
Fabric: Michael Levine’s the Loft, similar here
Shoes: Steve Madden (similar, similar)
Earrings: My Shop, here (also seen here)

Loving this Zebra print in one of the most flattering patterns from Vogue Patterns.

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    Don’t worry about the move. A beautiful, talented young woman such as yourself will be a welcome addition to any community. I am Cali girl myself, but left many years ago after marrying an Air Force Lt. we have moved many, many times. I left friends and family, but it has been a great adventure. I have always been able to find new friends with interests close to mine, and found new ones through them. Best of luck on your move !!

  2. 3

    Riva, that dress is amazing!!! I’ve had that pattern for months now but had no inspiration to sew it until now! Gotta find some black and white zebra knit then I’m on it! Will send pics as always. What size did u cut to get that amazing fit???

  3. 5

    And Riva, darling don’t fret over the move! You are so very beautiful, creative and imaginative you will thrive wherever you go!!! Look at it as a new adventure and L.A. still won’t be so far away if u need a quick fix. How can anyone not love you and all that u do???!!!! Xo

    • 6

      Karen, I love you. THANK YOU for your kind words, can’t I just move somewhere close to you, we can sew together and we can hang out in your cool room? You are the best! Thanks!! xoxoxoxo

  4. 16
    Happiness at Mid Life

    Moving to a new city is never easy and I have found that making new friends when you are older is much more difficult since everyone already has an established circle of friends. I have found that I’ve made friends once I started doing things I love like Crossfit or joining a club of something you are passionate about. With your sewings skills, I am sure you will find some like minded people that shared your passion. You will have a ton of friends in no time!

    Thank you for joining TBT Fashion link up and hope to see you next week. Have a great weekend!


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