DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress

They say less is more.
Which can be difficult for some, me.
Most of us will error on the too little or on the idea that more is BETTER, also me.
But no matter where you fall, when it’s done right, minimalism in home and dress is quite desirable,
just like Céline’s fall collection this season.

My favorite look from this collection was the high turtleneck knit dress.
Knits. Turtlenecks. Long dresses. ALL on trend this season for fall.
DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress

When I was tying to recreate this look, there’s not one particular pattern that stood out so I had to make my own.
There’s a turtleneck drought in the pattern world and for this this week’s look,
I had to pair two patterns together to make this work for today’s post.
With patience and ease, a ruler and some finessing, you too can recreate this look.

Or buy it, I’ll share some links for you at the end, but first, the tutorial!

DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress

DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress
Here’s what you need,


This week I am using Vogue’s 9028 and McCall’s 6957, both are available through the McCall Pattern Company and both are made with jersey/knits in mind.
Additionally, they have great design details, I love the fitted look of the McCall’s pattern and the shoulder detail from Vogue.

When combining these patterns together, we are going to use the same concept as my Swing Dress Tutorial from last year:
match arm holes and blend line.

However, in doing so, we are going to run into a problem, the top has more ease than the dress.

How to do we remedy this conflict?
You have two options.

  1. Use a smaller size for the top, for example, my dress is a size 12 and the top was a size 6. I matched the underarms to each other and blended the center back.
  2. OR, instead of using a smaller size top, used the same size and instead of blending the center back seam into the dress. Extend that center back seam of the dress all the way to them hem.

No matter which look you decide on, you may have to take in the dress through the arm and side seams of the dress for a more fitted look.

DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress

Pinched for time and need to wear this look NOW? I love the dress from Macy’s and H&M.

Accessorizing this look also comes with caution, nothing too overwhelming but nothing boring.
Take cues from Celine’s collection, accessorize with an oversized tote, flowy hair, and clean makeup with a bold OR nude lip.

Hope this gives you some ideas to work this minimal look, if only for a day in your wardrobe rotation.


DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress

DIY Céline inspired Knit Dress


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