Festival Style – DIY Gold Headpiece


Learn how to make this DIY Gold Headpiece, inspired by the many get togethers I hope you are planning for this spring/summer season.

With festival season making it’s presence known and Coachella just last month,
I thought I would share my favorite way to dress for one of my favorite times of year!

Whether you are the committed festival participator or you just enjoy some outdoor entertainment in the comfort of your own back yard,
I feel like the getting dress part and what you wear can really make or break the evening.

Too casual and it’s boring.
Too formal and it gets sloppy real quick.

So when I’m dressing up for such an occasion, I really consider the following,

Dress light, less is more, and have CONFIDENCE.

With that said, let’s go a little more in detail…

  • Dress light.
    Easier said than done, right? If the weather is too hot, you are a sweaty mess, regardless how much or less you wear.So I enjoy finding a loose and breezy, Beach Dress. Not to be confused with a cover-up, this type of dress is looser so your body is able to breathe as the spring and summer temps rise and yet remain fashion forward. The Caftan is also a great option. Also loose, breathable and 100% on trend. I personally option for longer styles because the last thing I need to worry about is showing my 30-something year old goods or religion to my neighbor – ha!
    Festival Style - DIY Gold Headpiece
    Caftan tutorials on my blog (like this one), here and here
  • Less is more. 
    Less accessories, less makeup, you are having FUN, the last thing you need to worry about is the amount of jewelry you are trying to keep in tact or the comfortableness of your heals – if you are desperate for the height, invest in some Platform Sandals.
    You could also, find a statement piece, make that the focal point for your look. Something bold and not in your norm. I feel like the term “statement piece” is getting so over used and watered down. While it is true, too bold of a statement could look tacky, so can too boring – it’s forgetful. YOU are no such thing. I have really been in awe of Headpieces lately. They are so simple to use and easy to wear. They are also easy to DIY, check it out below….

    Festival Style - DIY Gold Headpiece DIY Gold Headpiece
    Materials: fun and flashy trim (I got my gold trim IN STORE at Joann Fabric), elastic, thread

    • Measure and cut out enough to trim to fit around your head, minus 4 inches.
    • Measure and cut out 4 inches of elastic (plan to use less).
    • Attach your elastic to one end of your ribbon,
      I like to place my elastic right under my trim and top stitch in place (as seen in black, below).
      Festival Style - DIY Gold Headpiece
    • [ABOVE] Top picture is the under side of the band and the bottom view is the outside look.
    • Repeat on the end, as mentioned earlier, 4 inches might be too much.
      BEFORE, stitching it, test it, try it on and pinch the excess out with your fingers – then sew in place.
    • Then put it on. However you decided to wear it is your choice,
      but there are some great ideas to wear them and own Headpieces, HERE.
      I personally like to wear mine as seen (below) – VIDEO TUTORIAL on my IG feed here (join me & say hi).
      DIY Gold Headpiece
    Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman and sometimes we need to fake it to make it.
    You (or me) might never be supermodels (unless you re one and reading this – hi!),
    but the most gorgeous women are the most confident ones, I have seen it every time.
    So go out there, have fun, treat others kindly, and let the pieces fall where they may.
    Because at the end of the day life is short! Enjoy it.

    DIY Gold Headpiece

    wait, ummmmm…. did i just put up a corny 2 person Riva picture? YES I DID, because I am “strong and confident” and so are you.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and hope you have a glamorous day!


On me: Caftan – Tutorial (HERE)

Festival Style: DIY Gold Headpiece Festival Style: DIY Gold Headpiece

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    That’s a great inexpensive take on a beautiful item. I always love these but never bought one because the can be expensive sometimes. I definitely will try. Thanks for sharing!

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